Capital Connections specialises in the private facilitation of international trade and investment, connecting clients to the right professionals and counterparties while providing unique strategic insight to enable realisation of their projects and achievement of their business objectives.


We assist organisations undertaking activities such as fundraising (debt or equity), FDI , and project financing. Our clients can bet buy or sell-side seek an introduction to reputable professionals, counterparties, and strategic partners to realise their business objectives.


Our clients range from multinationals to owner-operators possessing innovative products, services, or industry expertise. We provide an introduction to reputable commercial agents, distributors, or the direct procurement channels of large companies and state-owned entities.


We're a a great strategic sounding board for our clients' international trade and investment aspirations and can act as business development springboard to the Middle East. Clients leverage our network enabling a smaller year-one direct employment head-count and a lower-cost means to test the market.